As a 501C3 nonprofit, we welcome monetary donations to help us connect trail-building
partnerships around the Pacific Northwest.  All contributions are tax-deductible.
These donations help us and our existing partners fund, build, and maintain trails.


We periodically put together work parties among ourselves or we recommend partners.  Here’s one group that comes to the coast to do trail work: Trailkeepers of Oregon! You can follow them and sign up for trail work. Read about them here.

When fundraising, we can always use extra help!
Collectively, we can assist in the effort to sustain the great outdoors and its wonderful trails by doing the following:

  • Walk or ride the trails - it's a great way to meet neighbors, stay healthy, and get to know the area.

  • Visit our website and spread the word.

  • Be respectful of the great outdoors:  Pick up after your pet, pick up trash, report any problems to us or local agencies, and keep noise to a minimum.

  • Please don't pick flora or fungi, unless it is specifically allowed in certain picking areas.  Some of the polypores, like shelf fungi, can take years to achieve a certain size.  Please leave those intact.  Despite the urge to kick over mushrooms, please don't, and encourage your kids to follow your lead.

  • Be kind to our fauna - don't disturb animals nesting or moving, or birds in their natural habitat.  Bring binoculars to view these beautiful creatures.

  • Contact us at for additional information