our history:

With roughly nine different land owners in and around the Northwest Coast, each boasting different multi-use trails, it was a complicated process as potential trail users to investigate which and where trail opportunities were offered. With no consistency in trail descriptions or maps throughout these regions, a collaboration was formed between Public Health, the National Park Service (NPS) Oregon State Parks (OSP), Washington State Parks (WSP) and Warrenton Trails Association (WTA). 

The Northwest Coast Trails Coalition (NCTC) took shape as a regional collaboration serving to connect communities through non-motorized trails in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. Originally formed as the Warrenton Trails Association in 2004, it was re-named in 2015 to Northwest Coast Trails Coalition.  It was founded with the intent to cooperatively plan, build, maintain and promote a well-connected and easy-to-use system of multiuse, non-motorized recreational trails. NCTC advocates a healthy, walkable community and encourages people to enjoy this multiuse trail system with connections between neighborhoods and cities, providing access to recreational and historic sites throughout the region.